General FAQ

How do you guys manage to offer such great deals with such amazing discounts?

We are able to get such great deals only because of your support and help in spreading the word on the deals to your friends and loved ones. The bigger the crowd, the bigger the savings!

What does it mean when a deal is activated?

It means that we have achieved the minimum number of buyers required to activate the deal and therefore everyone who has made the purchase can enjoy the deal.

What happens if not enough people sign up for a deal?

You can track how many buyers have signed up for a deal on our homepage. If we cannot achieve the minimum number of buyers, then no one gets to enjoy the deal and you won’t be charged (and with all payments being refunded in full).

To ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the great deals, do invite your friends using Facebook, Twitter, MSN or email etc.

I don't want to miss the deal. How do I get it?

Our deals are time sensitive and require a minimum number of people to sign up. Click on the “Buy” button before the deal ends and go through the quick and secure payment process. Your deal is only activated if enough people sign up, so share the love with your friends!

What happens next when a deal which I had purchased is successfully activated?

Once a deal is activated, you will receive an email from us confirming the deal and containing all the necessary information on how to redeem the purchase. In most cases (e.g. dining/spa/events deals), you would automatically receive the voucher in your Closetphobic account inbox at the end of the deal period.

For merchandise or product deals, the item will be sent to you to the delivery address indicated at the end of the deal period.

When can I use my coupon?

In most cases you can use the coupon anytime, although you should always check the redemption terms on your coupon for any specific conditions or instructions. Certainly, you would not be required to use it on the day that you purchase the deal or when you receive the voucher, just make sure that you redeem it before the expiration date!

Can I combine my coupon with another voucher or with other offers or specials?

As our deals are already offered by our participating merchants and business partners on very special terms, we apologize that a voucher cannot be used in combination with other vouchers, promotions, discounts, and/or concessions unless otherwise indicated.

Do I need to use the full value of my coupon at one go?

Yes, we do not offer any form of stored value or credit or cash-backs for any unused portion of the coupon value.

What if the business for my coupon closes down?

We have a very strict selection process to pre-qualify the merchants that we partner with, so there should be little risk of this occurring.  However, in the rare event that the business does close down, you would receive a full refund from us. We back up every deal we sell, guaranteed.

How can I feature my business on Closetphobic?

We are constantly on the look out for cool deals, so do write in today to