Who we are

We are a bunch of closetphobes, defined as:

“People who have a phobia of living in the closet and thus missing out on all the great things in life.”

As closetphobes, we strive to always be true to ourselves, and to live life with passion and pride.  This is why we only offer deals that we ourselves would enjoy.  Beyond the dollars and cents, we hope to make authentic recommendations for businesses, products and services which we personally feel are deserving of our support, even if they may not always be big household names with mass appeal or the cheapest bargain in town.

And so it is…the quaint, philosophical café hidden in the heart of town…the sexy adults-only shop with the contortionist’s dream bed…the cozy food haven in a pet-lovers’ neighbourhood…and so many more would be amongst the gems from around the world which we would share with you.

Come join us, and may we all have the chance to explore the good life out of the closet.